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You and Me Games are creating a series of Party Games starting with Funny Feeling.

Visit the Funny Feeling Party Game Website to read all about it, play the game online and see examples of the various questions and cards.

Funny Feeling is a party game designed for teenagers and up where you lay 9 Funny Feeling and 6 Role cards out on the table, as shown below.

Fun Party Game for Adults

You then spin the spinner and read a Do, Say/Sing or Ask card.

With Do and Say/Sing cards you perform them in the style of a random Role or Feeling, or if your spin lands on a combo, both!

With Ask cards, you read the question which is for you personally and write your answer in secret while other players guess which Feeling you've chosen.

Funny Feeling has 900 questions and over 100 Roles and Funny Feeling cards in total.

Emotional intelligence game
Funny Feeling party game design
Adult party game
Game played with adults and teens
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